24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

Move over burgers, the grill was made for skewers, kebabs, and satay

The word kebab is Turkish for "skewer." It's also spelled kabab, kabap, and kebap, and shish (or sheesh) kebab is likely the most familiar for many people. No matter what you call it, the kebab is simply meat threaded onto a skewer, either alone or with veggies, then grilled. The beauty of kebabs is that the large cubes of meat cook faster than whole cuts, so kebabs require just a few minutes on a hot grill.

Tips For The Best Kebabs

  • Many kebab recipes rely on a marinade, so you'll want to plan ahead and give at least 30 minutes to several hours for the flavors to permeate your protein of choice. This also makes for a great make-ahead opportunity — marinating the protein overnight so that when it's time for grilling, all that needs to be done is thread the skewers.
  • With everything prepped and the grill hot, don't forget to oil the grates directly with a bit of neutral oil using a paper towel. Then, be sure turn the kebabs often to ensure even cooking.

Which Skewers Should You Use?

When making kebabs you have two options: metal or wood/bamboo skewers. Metal options are convenient and reusable, and if you’re making a ground-meat skewer like a koobideh, you will have the best success using wide metal skewers to shape the ground meat onto. For threading pieces of veggies or protein, you can use either metal or bamboo/wood. If you go the bamboo or wood route, you’ll need to soak bamboo skewers so they don’t burn or catch fire on the grill. About 30 minutes in water is plenty of time.

  • Tavuk Şiş Turkish Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    It is said kebabs most likely originated in Turkey centuries ago. This Turkish chicken kebab recipe is a must-try for a tender, yogurt marinated chicken skewer.

  • Tofu and Vegetable Skewers

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Endlessly adaptable, these tofu and vegetable skewers marinade in a store-bought Italian dressing, but feel free to swap in any dressing of your choice. Same goes for the veggies– mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini are some of our favorites.

  • Moroccan Lamb Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    These Moroccan lamb kebabs are also excellent when made with steak. Called brochettes, they’re often served for special occasions, though the zesty spice blend of onion, herbs, paprika, and cumin is easy enough for everyday dinners.

  • Egyptian-Style Chicken Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    A mixture of classic Middle Eastern spices turns these Egyptian-style chicken kebabs into an incredible main dish for any barbecue. Using a yogurt marinade also ensures they come off the grill perfectly tender and juicy.

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  • Moroccan Chicken Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    This Moroccan chicken kebab recipe is simply delicious. Its marinade is a combination of garlic, ginger, paprika, parsley, and turmeric. While optional, it’s also an excellent excuse to hunt down saffron threads for your pantry.

  • Moroccan Beef Koftas

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Moroccan kofta features spiced ground meat that uses a binder, such as an egg, so they stay on the skewer while grilling. With an array of spices, this simple recipe is ideal for pita sandwiches or a beef main that just needs a few sides for dinner.

  • Greek-Style Lamb Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    A kebab’s meat and veggies are fantastic for sandwiches. Once off the grill, roll these Greek-style lamb kebabs into pitas with homemade tzatziki and salad greens for a light yet delicious meal.

  • Koobideh

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Persian bazaars are famous for koobideh. A grilled minced meat skewer of beef and lamb, the flavor combination of garlic, onion, sumac, and turmeric is sure to please. Wrap it in flatbread or serve them alongside steamed rice; these kebabs are fabulous either way.

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  • Moroccan Grilled Fish Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    To ensure it doesn’t fall apart on the grill, choose a firm white fish like halibut or mah-mahi for this Moroccan fish kebab recipe. The garlic and onion marinade includes cilantro, paprika, and turmeric with a bit of chili powder for extra heat that’s sure to tantalize everyone’s taste buds.

  • Indian Seekh Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    This Indian-inspired seekh kebab recipe is a fantastic spin on the classic dish. The spiced ground lamb (or meat of your choice) is formed into long sausages that are then skewered and served with raw onion rings.

  • Tandoori Paneer Tikka Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    You cannot go wrong with tandoori paneer tikka kebabs for a vegetarian option full of flavor. Spiced with your favorite tandoori masala mix, the cubed paneer is skewered with onion and bell peppers.

  • Reshmi Kabab

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Succulently juicy, reshmi kababs produce unforgettable chicken. The Indian specialty includes almonds, coriander, garlic, ginger, and onion, in the yogurt-based marinade, and it’s excellent with chutney and naan.

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  • Tikka Boti

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    The meat in this tikka boti recipe uses fresh papaya and yogurt to tenderize, but the finished dish is anything but fruity. Instead, you’ll be treated to the savory flavor of cumin, ginger, garlic, and onion, with a tangy touch of lime.

  • Shrimp Kebab

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Shrimp kebabs are among the easiest to cook because you know they’re done when they turn pink. They’re also fantastic with garlic, and this recipe includes a garlic butter dipper with Worcestershire and hot sauce for a nice kick of flavor.

  • Romanian Chicken Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Popular street food in Romania, frigarui is a delectable chicken kebab dish. The marinade features garlic, ginger, lemon, and yogurt enhanced with your choice of fresh herbs. It’s the ideal base for the creamy garlic sauce.

  • Serbian Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    In Serbia, kebabs are known as raznjici, and there are many variations to explore. This recipe takes a casual approach to the flavor, adorning pork with garlic, onions, and a generous amount of bay leaves.

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  • Lamb Shashlik Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    In Russia and Central Asia, you’ll find shashlik. Marinated lamb is a traditional choice for this kebab, while separate skewers include cherry tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. It’s excellent when served with a salad and rice or couscous.

  • Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Satay is the Southeast Asian version of kebabs that uses thin strips of meat rather than cubed ingredients. This satay recipe marinades chicken with classic ingredients found in Thai cuisine and is finished with a savory peanut sauce.

  • Yakitori Negima

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Chicken breast and long pieces of scallions form yakitori negima, a Japanese dish that works as an appetizer, tapa, or main. It’s extremely easy, and the homemade tare is a simple basting and 3-ingredient dipping sauce anyone can pull together.

  • Kushiyaki

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    While yakitori is all about chicken, kushiyaki is used for any skewered and grilled Japanese dish. Beef flank steak is the meat of choice for this kushiyaki recipe, and the marinade includes soy sauce, sake, ginger, garlic, and sesame seeds.

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  • Mexican Fajita Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    It’s easy to transform your grill into a fajita-making machine! The Mexican fajita kebab recipe cooks the London broil with peppers and onions, leaving you with perfectly tender beef that simply needs tortillas, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.

  • Pork Pinchos

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Kebabs in the Caribbean are called pinchos, and they’re popular finds at roadside food stands. After a 20-minute marinade, these garlicky pork pinchos are ready for the grill, so they’re one of your quickest options.

  • Churrasco

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    Barbecuing in Brazil and many parts of South America often involves churrasco. Incredibly quick, this churrasco recipe uses skirt steak and a homemade chimichurri sauce, and it’s ready to eat in 30 minutes.

  • Adana Kebabs

    24 Best Grilled Kabob Recipes

    The Turkish city of Adana lays a more specific claim to the kebab’s origins. These Adana kebabs skewer ground lamb seasoned with cumin, garlic, onion, and sumac, and you can turn up the heat with extra chili red peppers.


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