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Important points before buying:

    This lighting has only a white color of 6000K.
    Please choose the model you need correctly.
    If you don't know about the lamp model of your car, please contact our customer service, we can help you.
    For Golf/Hyundai/Renault/Kia/Honda Odyssey/Skoda/Chery/Ford/LandRover cars and some German cars need a special adapter to fix the LED lamps (usually H7 and H1 need a special adapter), please contact our customer service so that we can help you if you know which adapter If you need one, please click here to make a purchase.
    Our LED lighting has a can-bus function with an EMC system that can be installed in most cars in the world.
    Other LEDs may not be compatible with so many cars on the market. But we cannot say that our LEDs can be installed in 100% of cars,
    because the original lighting system of electric vehicles is constantly changing and improving.
    If the following issues arise after installing our LEDs, such as the flickering of lamps, the appearance of an error on the PC panel, the absence of lamp illumination, one or two lamps light up for a while, then abruptly turn off, the lamp glows dimly after you turn off the lighting, the original daytime running lights or side parking lights do not turn on after switching on the lamps. These questions indicate that our lamps can work well, you just need an LED decoder or an LED resistor to make the car headlights work. Please don't worry. You can contact us or you can click HERE to buy LED decoders.


Main advantages:

    Crystal Clear 6000K White light @7,000lm (3,500 lm per lamp) LED lighting without dark spots! Pro-Turbo LED is the only lighting that uses LED SMD chips and ADOBE-Beam technology to provide a perfect beam of light without any dark spots or foggy lighting.
    Improved thermal control with LED driver and turbo cooling fan will allow your lamps to last longer for your car! More than 50,000 hours of the brightest continuous light.
    Works underwater! The waterproof driver, housing and fan work in harsh conditions.
    Can be installed in 20 minutes right out of the box!  ADOBE Beam headlights are made to free you from housings and sockets. In addition, all lamps are equipped with Can-buses and will work with any car processor. Some lamps are harder to access than others.
    An order from CNSUNNYLIGHT company will save you from worries! We offer a free 1-year warranty and lifetime support!


    Single beam model: H1, H3, 880/881/H27, H7, H8/H9/H11, HB3/9005, HB4/9006, 9012
Double beam model: H4/HB2/9003, 9004/HB1, 9007/HB5, H13/9008
    Lighting: 3500 lumens per bulb, 7000 lm for a pair of lamps
    Input power/single beam: 35W per lamp, 70W for a pair (optical power)
    Input power/dual beam: 40W for a high-brightness lamp, 80W for two high-brightness lamps, 35W for a low-brightness lamp, 35W for a pair of low-brightness lamps
    Voltage: 8-48 Volts (suitable for 12V, 24V)
Just play and connect
    Beam angle: 278o
    Light source: 4pcs. LED chips for one beam (specially for cars), 6pcs. LED chips for double beam
    Built-in turbo fan for cooling
    Waterproof class IP68
    Super heat dissipation
    Lighting without delay
    Super long service life 50,000 hours
    Color option: 6000K cool white
    Suitable for most cars, motorcycles, motor vehicles, trucks, ATVs, ATVs, boats and most vehicles


    2 pcs of LED lamps and 2 pcs of LED drivers with can buses for each pair

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