A delicious Sammy's po-boy! Sammy's Po-Boys and Catering has a saying; "anyone can serve up a sandwich, or a plate of seafood, but no one else does it like we do. We use the freshest ingredients in our housemade dishes. Everything is done from scratch at Sammy's. For instance, when you order a roastbeef po-boy, just know that you're eating 8 hours of delicious work. So anyone can give you a pile of beef on bread, but only Sammy's can give you a mouth-watering housemade slow simmered roastbeef po-boy!"

Sammy's Po-Boys and Catering is located at 901 Veterans Boulevard in Metairie. It has been open since April 2010. Shelley McNeil is the owner/operator, Jason Burke is the kitchen manager, and Ashley Flick is the front of house manager. Sammy's was previously located in Bucktown for 14 years. Shelley decided it was time for a change and moved to business to Veterans.

At this location, Sammy's offers lunch and dinner and a variety of menu options such as: salads, wraps, poboys, seafood, hot lunch specials, housemade desserts, and beer and wine. In the near future, Sammy's will offer Video Poker. Catering is also an option at Sammy's. With the wide variety of choices on the dine in menu and the catering menu, you can't go wrong.